Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spain Day 2

The trip has already been full and fruitful. Rick has met everyone dear to my heart in Madrid: Peter at the cafe, Juan the groundskeeper, and Jacob Bock and Daniel West with Kilometrocero in Puerta del Sol. Rick was totally impressed with their evangelistic ministry and is excited that the summer team will work with them again this year.

Rick, Danica, and Nancy (Bill wasn't feeling well from travel initially) went out on the streets with Jacob and did some open air preaching with him -- they had a blast!

Rick was able to share the Lord with a Liberian for almost an hour on the train into downtown.

Nancy and Danica did a museum and shopped while Rick and Bill secured the rental car. Then all four rendezvous-ed and visited Palaceo Real -- our team went there. Trust me, it is exquisite.

Today they head to Toledo to locate Monte de Toledo conference center. The meetings start tonight at 7:00. Rick has not been given much information so he is prepared to do whatever they need. Open discussion panels have been suggested as well as regular sharing sessions. Paco, the man organizing the conference, is expecting only 30-40 people. I say only because that seems small by some standards. I am actually quite pleased. When you present alternative forms of education to a culture that isn't accustomed to such thoughts it usually starts small. If you remember, homeschooling wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms by large groups of people here in the States. The same plowing will be needed in Spain. That's okay -- someone has to do it and I am honored that we all can somehow play a part in this! So don't forget to pray that key people will hear and be moved in their hearts to somehow grasp God's plan for generational building. Pray that they see and understand His heart for their children and the call to invest heartily in the fallow ground known as the next generation. Now is the time -- today is the day! Oh, that they may hear His call and obey! So pray to this end.

Meanwhile here at home there is the continued need to grow in diligence. Oh, Lord, we stand in need of grace! Help us grow, help us grow.

And driving out of enemies, putting down flesh and carnal impulse, seeing sin removed must also continue. The battle is on and His is the victory! Just reminding myself -- and you as well!

The day is new, the day is His, the day can be ours! (My, that's a bit robust, don't you think?)


Blogger Keila said...

How exciting!!! I talked to Ben and maybe we could make it up for a visit around the 2nd week of May... how does that time look to you? all my love,

9:34 AM  
Blogger kb said...

Wow, that's awesome how God is moving and how they get to be a part of His work there! I can hardly wait to go:) Suddenly Spanish labs have a bit more purpose to them...
And the name, by the way, is Kelly Sue Berg:)

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is so cool.

it amazes me how much God is doing out of that 'one little trip.'

i don't remember whether i ever thanked you for the opportunity last summer, but THANK YOU. it was such a fantastic experience.

and i feel so privelaged to say i met peter at the cafe too... :)

7:13 PM  

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