Monday, March 27, 2006

Spain Report #4

It has been a few days since I wrote of Spanish adventures. And there has been kingdom building -- truly the best of all possible adventure!

Rick had wonderful opportunities to share at the conference. Many other speakers were also involved; they spoke of educational philosophies or various methods and curriculums. But to Rick fell the responsibility of establishing the Biblical mandate to instruct and raise up a future generation who will remain faithful and true. His duty was to stir up a passion for the very souls of these young people who were the subject of discourse. We must be careful in all of our planning to not relegate them to the status of a project or goal, always remembering that they are created souls intended to reign with us throughout all of eternity. He desires them for His eternal abode. Suddenly the importance is seen more clearly -- quite exciting, I might say!

They traveled on to Malaga, a large Andalucian city along the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. The route was breathtaking and the city full of a depth of history unknown to American civilization. Here they were able to entertain informal conversation with a mixed company Sunday evening. In a pastor's house they convened with their hosts while in Malaga - Paco and Doreen, the pastor, and one other couple, a saved Finnish woman and her unsaved Spanish husband. The latter had visited the church and were getting to know the pastor. The Spanish man, a lawyer by occupation, was quite brilliant and interesting and their conversation covered topics of politics, culture, and social issues, including the detriments of the existing public education system in Spain. Eventually homeschooling was settled in on and Paco deferred to Rick who then manned the discussion. The end of it all was a pastor who had never entertained the prospect of homeschool in spite of requests from his own children now excited about fresh possibilities of taking ownership of his children's destiny. The Finnish woman also felt stirred to consider her children and the plight of public education there in Spain. As they filed out of the door to head home, the pastor earnestly remarked that this had been the most challenging conversation he had encountered since coming to Spain a year ago. Paco, our host and man responsible for Rick's invitation to Spain, was pleased. This is exactly what he has prayed for and is eagerly expecting God to do. His faith and prayers are being heeded. Smile indeed -- he is a good brother whose heart for the Church in Spain is devoted. May he see much fruit in the years to come!

Today Rick and Danica should have reached Morocco where they will be met by an old friend, Tom Spyker. Some of you dear readers will well remember the months they spent with us in Madrid many years ago. It will be most pleasant for them to see Danica again. Rick has seen them more recently.

Bill and Nancy are venturing forth on their own, traveling wherever the whim may lead, probably visiting some friends and Valencia before meeting up with Danica and Rick. I know they will enjoy the scenery, the people, and the culture. And God will use this time!

So there it is -- another report from around the world!


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