Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Technologically Dependent

For the past few days my internet connection on my laptop has been at best tempermental and at worst totally unresponsive. It has left me feeling lost -- helpless, actually.

When relegated to one seat all day long for weeks on end, you may wonder how there is any sense of productivity. But with computer in hand I shop, educate my mind, remain current in world affairs and opinion, study scripture, and do my writing. That is -- with the wide world web close at hand. Without it my productivity is severely handicapped. Even writing seems impossible. I have become accustomed to compiling my thoughts on a Word document with two websites at my fingertips (indeed, they are open continually) : and I now feel inept without them. The thought of lugging out the numerous large volumes which they both represent (dictionary, thesaurus, Naves Topical, MHCommentary, 12 or more Bible translations, and more) is quite overwhelming, considering my work is done on my lap in an easy chair, my mobility more than slightly hampered by the required crutches.

So -- productivity has become minimal. How did I become so spoiled so quickly? Three months ago I managed pretty well without all of this technology, and now I am dependent. Pastor Mike Tomford assures me that dependency is common. He enjoyed the benefits of a wireless for two days and when, on the third, he found himself in a position requiring cords and plugins, he was quite put out. I sympathized completely.

Ah, well. Another one falls prey to the 21st century and the way we now live. That one would be me.


The Spanish contingency is actually traveling back to Spain today after a few days in Morocco. I can hardly wait to hear details of that trip, but have not had direct contact since they left Malaga on Monday morning. I am sure it was a fascinating world. They will travel on to Seville where they will stay with some newfound friends, contacts made at the conference last week. These are people who want to hear more about Christian Education and generational building. And so the work will continue. From there they will head back to Madrid (Spain, that is) for a radio interview with Danica and time spent with more Christian friends.

In less than one week they will head for Madrid (NY, that is) and I must admit, that I am beginning now to count the days. It won't be long!


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