Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Boy Sopranos - Coloratura Style

The singing seems to never end around here. Obviously there are times with no music in the air. But with Merrick around, it is seldom. And certainly his sisters more than fill in any missing measures.

Today I have heard Star Wars themes, Beauty and the Beast sung in the stratosphere, and currently we are all being serenaded with "We're Off to See the Wizard". Yesterday it was "Lida Rose" sung at least an octave higher than written, along with numerous other offerings.

Happiness comes easily to some people; Merrick is one of them. Sunny tunes exude from him as he plays and works. Ryan asked Danica if there would be any fun in raising kids, assuming that Merrick was a total exception and that all others were nothing but work. A bit dismayed at his thinking her to have been merely a chore for us, she delivered a sound comeuppance. She knew full well that there was joy galore. After all, it comes with the territory.

And just for the record, Julia made it quite clear that Merrick's happy-go-lucky nature seems to require more work than many. That seems to go with the territory as well.


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