Tuesday, February 07, 2006

To Read or Not To Read

The following is the written narrative of a young boy's adventure:

Delicious mystery beckoned the small, young boy into the shady labyrinthine plantings of the towering green hedges. Haltingly he ventured forward to find himself instantly faced with the challenge of choosing a direction, not knowing where he would be led. The corridors drew him further into the maze, on and on, and still he found himself continually confronted with choices. Uncertainty flooded his senses. Enchantment and intrigue soon gave way to fear. Quickening his pace, he hurried on, the path twisting and turning in endless and seemingly random patterns. In no time at all, he was completely confused as to his direction. His tender age had afforded him no experience such as this. Bewildered and undone, tears began to prick his innocent eyes. And Mother was nowhere to be found.


Now imagine the above scene in cinematographic form:

Open with an aerial view of the holly maze at The Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg
Slowly pan down to an eager young boy standing at opening of path leading into the maze. Follow him as he moves along the paths. Convey the boy's growing panic and confusion - he is obviously lost as he ventures toward the center of the maze. Slowly pull camera view away, returning to original aerial view.


Now you tell me - which form of entertainment is more successful in engaging and stimulating your thought process. Hmmmm. I wonder.

Just food for thought. How much have you and yours been reading lately?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tell my guys, "The book is always better than the movie."

9:47 PM  

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