Tuesday, January 24, 2006

His Love Prevails

Today was one of those "look around the house and lose it days". Every room is a bit undone - the bedroom moves are far from complete, the pantry definitely needs reorganizing, the laundry piles are in need of a full days help, the book cupboard is stacked up high, the toy bins are all mixed up and need sorting, and on and on it could go.

Yup. I started to lose it.

But it was Sinclair girls getogether day, so we left the mess behind and met at Brietta's house for the afternoon. We prayed, studied the Word, and it was a good use of time. Then we headed back to the homestead where they all busied themselves in the kitchen and made a fabulous meal for all to enjoy together - all 16 of us (plus Jackson!)

Now several folks are painting the walls in the loft while the remainder watch American Idol and play on our computers. Little Gabriel busily plays, Bronwyn sits with Mom (she doesn't get her to herself much these days), and Jackson sleeps on Louissa's lap. Merrick, of course, is mesmerized with the TV show. It's the end of a good day.

Yup. Tomorrow we will still face many of the same messes. We will tackle a couple of them and try not to look at the others. Practicing will need to be done, perhaps some school. But most of all, we will seek the Lord and be blessed.

Aren't you so glad for His love? Oh, what a difference it makes.