Friday, February 03, 2006

Lessons From The Baptist

More of Him and less of me.

I guess that more than anything the accomplishment of this requires a desperate cry from our hearts. We can put forth a concerted effort but all that will produce is flesh - humanity - a tainted odor rather than a beautiful fragrance.

All too often I lose sight of how much of me there is and how little of Him seems present. Complacency consumes desire, ignorance replaces knowledge, pride reigns over humility, contentedness blankets my hunger and thirst, or hardness of heart leaves me numb and unfeeling - in no time at all these things settle over me and I am satisfied with the status quo, ready to relinquish His promise to make me more like Him.

But He does not renege on His end of the deal. Faithfully He places me in situations which reveal the residual dross and darkness still pervading my heart. I can be so slow to recognize the truth of it all. I will reason away the error, strategize a remedy, or try to figure out just how to overcome problem. The tendency to analyze the weakness makes it seem clinical and less personal. It also seems to remove a sense of responsibility. But when confronted with the darkness often enough, I finally catch on. This is pride, fear, jealousy, or - you fill in the blank.

The only real remedy is repentance followed by a throwing of myself at His mercy seat, desperate for grace - that divine enablement to walk in His ways. Only He can help me love, and love is always the thing needed. If my heart is filled with love there is no fear, no pride, no jealousy, no - you fill in the blank. There is no darkness or residual dross.

More of Him and less of me.

How desperately I need to petition the throne room for this. Leave the lists behind, the foolish requests that can seem so pressing and get to the heart of the matter. Such distraction. How easily I lose sight of my heinous condition! How could that be? Oh, wicked heart that deceives to the utmost! We would be held captive but for Him.

More of Him and less of me.

"Lord, help me remember the essential request that is pressing Your heart. You desire to see me conformed to Your Holy image. And oh, how I want that, too."

John 3:27,30 John answered and said, "He must increase, but I must decrease."


Anonymous Lisa said...

Thanks for the timely reminder. As a single person, "me" gets elevated to a loftier position than it deserves far too often. "Less of me, more of Him" needs to be my point of focus. Thanks again for your gentle reminder.

5:11 PM  
Blogger kathleen said...

Yes..He does not renege on His end. How faithful He is to cover us with grace. How patient He is. This is the Father's heart that I am finding in this season of my life.

Good thoughts...

8:36 PM  

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