Thursday, January 26, 2006

Almost Two Done!

I have just about finished two very short offerings that we wanted to have ready in time to head to Spain.

The first is an expanded version of the brochure entitled The Four Pillars of Christian Homeschooling. Elisa Meyers is busily translating it even as I write.

The second is untitled (it will probably be something like Protecting and Nurturing Destiny.) I used some notes from something I shared years ago involving a study of Jochobed and Jehosheba. I think it will be encouraging and challenging. I hope so anyway.

I feel a bit insecure about this adventure. But that seems to be part and parcel of all adventure. At least in my limited experience.

I love writing, I love the topic, and I want more than anything to help parents see God's heart for their children. But how well I can do this is in question. Still, I will offer these brief works in the hope that someone somewhere might be strengthened and helped. If our dear friend in Spain (Paco) is at all encouraged in his campaign to see the church of Spain embrace the call to raise up a future generation by my small part - then I will be glad to have helped.

This is an exciting adventure. Have I ever told you that I love adventures?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to witness prophetic words coming to pass, right now, in your life. I know that you have received words in the past about the impact your writing will have on the Kingdom. Remember the word spoken over you at NTC a few years back? And by the way, "Adventure" is your middle name!

3:24 PM  
Blogger Lore Ferguson said...

Can you email them to me? I'd love to read them (and maybe pass them around down here). Also, if there is a team planning on going to Spain this summer can you let me know? I'd like to go, of course, but more importantly, a girl of stellar character and deep conviction (and a passion for homeschooling and generational building) who I've recently befriended is looking for an opportunity to go Spain in the worst way. Love you!

9:10 PM  
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