Monday, February 27, 2006


I continue resting flat on my back most of the day. Have ventured into a recliner a few times but don't last long. It just feels uncomfortable on my leg and I've been told to baby it! So, back to the couch I head.

We have been thinking ahead to Grandparent's Day and one suggestion made to Merrick is a pirate theme song and dance. So today Louissa borrowed The Pirates of Penzance from the Potsdam Library. What fun! When we did this G & S show 4 years ago, I watched this particular Canadian theater version several times, consequently the kids did, too. Merrick was 2 at the time, but none the less, he was elated the minute he saw it, remembering so much more than I would ever have imagined! We are thinking that he will sing "For I Am a Pirate King" with some group background singing from sisters. They should be good sports and dress as pirates, don't you think? We shall see!

Then it was on to Lonesome Dove, a TV miniseries featuring Robert Duval and Tommy Lee Jones. I saw it when it premiered back in the late 80's and have loved it always. There is plenty of lawless living, but I wanted Liana to watch it as part of a study on the Wild West. Great story and acting. Good opportunities to discuss the real world and where God fits in every day.

Now my husband, who sleeps on the floor next to my couch every night, has his sleeping bag pulled up over his head while the TV drones in the background (I lull myself to sleep each night with HGTV while waiting for the meds to kick in.) Soon I will finish this mindless post and crawl back to my couch and sweet slumber.

And that is how my days tend to look. Lots of reading and school and note writing as well. I'm halfway through Grapes of Wrath - I am definitely not a fan of realism and this seems to fall into that category. So similar to The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I'm not sure I even finished that book. Too discouraging. Every single person is so dark, every situation is depressing, every road leads nowhere (or worse), and on and on. The Good Earth, although real in its depiction of sin and sorrow, somehow seemed more balanced. The people felt some joy in good things. This book, though well written, is totally dark. But, it is an eyeopener once again, to another stream of culture and another time in history. Interesting.

Off I go. Hopefully a good night's sleep will lead me to a new day with time for a better post!


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