Saturday, February 18, 2006

Just a report

Many are wondering how I am doing so I thought I would post an update here.

The pain is manageable - I seem to need the pain killer less than last time around, and, more often than not, simple ibuprophen is handling it. Still, from the left knee down it is perpetually achy, with intermittent sharp pain. Another problem is the numbness. The best remedy for that seems to be a massaging of the exposed toes. Ah, for the day when I will be able to gently rub down the entire area! I know, I know - it will come again!

I struggle with nausea from time to time, most likely in response to the pain meds, so I am glad to not need them as much.

If you are at all able to pray for me, my biggest concern is that of healthy tissue. The circulation to the injured area is all the more interrupted due to the lateral laceration I incurred from the fall. The incision from surgery was vertical, the tear was lateral, so blood flow has been hindered in both directions. This leaves me more susceptible to tissue damage. The doctor felt that could be more of a problem than the tendon itself. I feel this should be the prayer emphasis. So thanks for praying along those lines!


The Olympics have become quite familiar to me since I sit on the couch, rest on the couch, and spend my entire night on the couch. And it just so happens that the couch is facing the TV and the Olympics are popular fare for my son and daughters. I happen to enjoy them as well.

Speaking of spending the nights in the family room, have I mentioned that my husband is a real trooper? I think I feel most badly for him as a result of this injury. He cares for me and pampers me. He even sleeps on a floor mattress so that he can be near me. It can mean enduring the TV all night long (if the pain is keeping me awake, I find the TV helps me pass those long, dark hours - I now know every face on HGTV and every decorating trick in the book!) He was just getting a functioning wife back and suddenly here we are, catapulted back in time - and I am pretty dependent upon him once again. So much for being the helpmeet!

We won't even discuss the bedroom, which is already desperate after three months of neglect! Who knows what it will look like in three more months!

But perhaps I will finish the daily devotional I have started working on, or maybe I could write out the study guide for Titus Two that has been requested. In a few days, I will be able to determine some plans, I am sure. But for now, it is pretty much minute by minute and hour by hour, just trying to keep on top of the physical needs presented. And that is okay. To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

And I will fully accept and live the season given me.


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