Monday, February 20, 2006

Another boring update

Yesterday was spent with visitors (I am so blessed with such faithful brothers and sisters), Olympics (I am also glad to have such entertainment - I actually enjoy watching the competition), and a movie with my favorite 10 year old girl. Camilla spent the day home with me (as well as Merrick, but we all know that it was her job to keep track of me, not his!) This morning as she prepared for church, I asked her to change her plans. Without a grimace or frown she complied. She is always ready to serve in such situations. What a sweetie!

The last pain medication I took was this past evening at 8:30pm. I have been able to change postitions and move around without lots of pain all through the night and now this morning. This is happy news! Less is better!

The kids and Dad just had breakfast. I heard them making the day's plan and discussing routine issues. *sigh* It is hard to sit here in the family room on my makeshift bed apart from it all. But I also realize it is good for me to know that my opinions are not needed and can even be omitted without detriment. I am the type that knows how I want things to be done and expects it to be so. So stuff will be organized a bit differently, chores approached in an order other than my choosing, and variations on my imposed schedule tested. Tweaking was called for - but I am not there to decide how and what! I am learning that it is now up to them to experiment and improve.

*sigh* I am either getting older or wiser because I realize that it just doesn't matter as much any more. I actually don't care how they do it as long as it gets done.

Well, almost.


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