Saturday, February 18, 2006

Foggy Days

Have you ever been traveling a road on a misty day and you look ahead only to discover a heavy cloud settled upon the very path you must navigate? You see the entirety of it - where the road leads in and even the way out. You determine that it will be an unpleasant maneuver, but "doable". Quite simple actually. It is just a matter of staying the course. Yet when your vehicle is suddenly immersed in fog and everything is lost around you, it is entirely unnerving. Where in the world is that wonderfully utilitarian yellow line when you need it? Is there another car headed your way and if so, have you made room for it? Are you moving dangerously close to the siderail? You creep tentatively ahead wondering when this tedious obscurity will evanesce.

I hit a cloud this morning. I saw it ahead of time. I recognized the way in and the way out. Been there before. Yet I panicked for a spell when the immersion came. I knew that the pain and discomfort would get wearying. I recalled that sensation of feeling like I could handle nothing more. I braced myself as best I could, reminding myself of what to expect. But still, I succumbed to feeling overwhelmed. Funny how that is. Human frailty is always with us.

I'm not out of the fog, but my soul has been stilled once again. When you can't see, it helps to remember. When you can't remember it helps to have a reminder.

Today my honey did that for me. And I know the fog will be behind me again soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He always provides a way out - how blessed you are to have a husband who can guide you when you feel overwhelmed. Blessed, indeed. We love you!

10:18 AM  

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