Saturday, January 07, 2006

Coming Soon - A New Look (I Hope!) And Misc. Thoughts

Since I was first setup on this blog site I have wanted to customize the look a bit. But I am computer illiterate, so I am at the mercy of others who can find time to help me. Louissa is the one I have asked and she said YES. I cannot tell you how many months ago that was, and I just don't take the time to sit down with her and get it done.

But these days, the sit down part of the equation is the given. So soon, I think, she will sit down, too, and we'll get this put together.

So far the day has been somewhat productive. I have always had a hard time sitting while asking others to work. I have no problem requiring them to help when my sleeves are rolled up as well, but to sit here in my comfy chair, dictating every move - well, that is a real challenge. But today I have attempted to continue my "armchair quaterbacking" and with some success, I might say. The kids are very cooperative, even humoring.

I'm getting some administrative work done myself. Chore charts, new budgets, mailings prepared. The kind of stuff that demands sitting still long enough to organize and write and brainstorm. I realize that it is the sitting still part that often escapes me.

And I now have the skeleton of a book somewhat fleshed out. I think I need to expound a good deal more still, but it is coming together. It will be a short book on the four goals of Christian home education. Fun!

Plans for our (Rick and me) Spain trip are in the making. We may stay on after the conference (March 23-25 in Madrid) and join some missionary friends in Morocco for a few days. That would be most interesting!

Challenges always abound here in this realm. But so does grace. Sometimes we just have to reach a little further and dig a bit deeper. Or work harder to quiet ourselves and see Him. But He is there, with outstretched hand, reminding us that this is not home. There is no haven here - only in Him. He alone is our refuge and Strong tower.

Hallelujah! We'll keep pressing on to see a better place!


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