Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Practicing His presence

We all need those special retreats - times alone with Him and His word. But let's face it, there are many seasons when that is impracticable.

So I am considering Brother Lawrence (his letters and musings are collected in book form entitled "Practicing The Presence Of God") again. He found God on the job, in the kitchen, in the garden, in the midst of people and busyness. We can have His presence anywhere at anytime. We quite literally are without excuse. He is always with us.

I personally have enjoyed the knowledge of such promise throughout the busy years of mothering several small children. Knowing that I didn't need an hour alone each day in order to be in His presence was extremely comforting. He was there to enjoy, commune and fellowship with whenever I called, whether children were crying, playing, or fighting (and you thought my kids never did that!) He is an ever present help in time of trouble. You didn't really think that meant that first you had to sneak out the back door and find a quiet corner in the shade, did you? How fortunate that it doesn't come down to that!

I am just coming off a very busy season when little time was left for the luxury of quiet retreats. Yet I don't feel completely deplenished. He has been with me. And now I am preparing to give what I can to ladies at a mother's conference this weekend as well as preparing to share with my congregation this Sunday. It is a bit daunting, but I know that He was with me in those rehearsals (I just finished directing a full-length musical.) I am not "on empty" because I serve a God who is infinite.

This is not to say that we don't need those times away - even Jesus did. But He will provide them in His time, and if they are not available then we can have confidence that His life will flow through us. We must learn to practice His presence; to tap into that life-line of the Spirit.

Learning to walk in the Spirit is my heart's desire. I am done with carnal reasoning, limited expectations, fleshly fears. I want to do exploits, bold and daring. Walking on water doesn't appeal to my natural desires - but staying in the boat seems worse! Oh, to hear His voice, to step out in faith, to find Him faithful, to know His presence!

This is my desire!


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that is a link to his book; speaking of which, i need to finish : )

good thoughts mom

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