Thursday, February 25, 2016

I just returned home from a four day retreat. Rest and reading and discussion and prayer time. Four glorious days.

But time away has left me disoriented tonight. Now don't get me wrong. The time away was fabulous! But nonetheless, I was wanting pajamas and me pillow by 5:00pm for some reason. And now I'm thinking that tomorrow must be Saturday with no responsibilities -- but I'm absolutely wrong! Friday School is tomorrow with chorus and dance class to teach and NYSSMA registrations to be filled out.

So what was I thinking? Who can say why we get turned around so. Isn't our mind a perplexity, our emotions so undependable?

Then again, even this is predictable. As is the cure. My honey is home, my Buddy is home, I am home. And a good night's sleep will turn this whole mixed up disorientation thing around.

So - here's to a good night's sleep!


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