Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Heart

Simple and single.
No, I'm not sharing my IQ and marital status.

I'm reflecting on God's desire concerning the condition of my heart.
Simple and single. Not complex or mixed.

Simple. Innocent. Straightforward. Not clouded. Uncomplicated.

Single. Undivided. Focused. Exclusive. Indivisible.

What does God want? What is He longing for, looking for from me? How do I know how to follow Him and please Him? How does this work, this walking by the Spirit?

Maintain an uncomplicated, indivisible heart before Him.

Understanding is good, knowledge is good.
But a simple, single heart can be led by the Spirit, breathed upon to movement.

When we have this kind of heart, He can lead us - even if the path is a new one, even if we haven't yet studied that issue, even if we are brand new in the things of the Lord (maybe even more readily when we are brand new, and what does that tell us.)

He can talk to us! He will whisper His desire and our heart will hear; in fact our heart will leap with joy to do His will! It is as easy as pie when our heart is not divided, when it is not pulled by errant passions and appetites. It has remained His alone. Solely. And the heart hears Him speak.

He will speak through situations, in the midst of conversation, when we are in prayer, and through the Word.

But we can be afraid of these things.

Sometimes we are afraid when reading the Word to just straight up believe it.
We are afraid to follow the Spirit's lead, afraid we don't know enough, afraid we aren't studied enough, afraid we don't have the right pedigree, afraid we can't read well enough, can't memorize, can't hear right, can't understand those courses in Bible theology.
Afraid. Can't. Can't. Afraid.

Stop! Stop right there; we've lost something. Something precious. Something essential. Let's start over.

Uncomplicated. Indivisible.

Fear complicates, clouds the issue. We no longer have complete confidence and we vacillate. "Does it really mean that? Is He really telling me to do this? Can I really walk on that water to go to Him?"
Fear divides. We want to walk in faith but fear divides our heart so it is no longer filled with faith.

Let me shout out something to you. "Yes! We can do all things! We can do valiantly!! And we can walk on water!!!"

A simple heart. A single heart.

Ask Him today. And tomorrow. And everyday. Ask Him for a simple, single heart.
It is absolutely His desire to give that to you.


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