Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pleasant Places

Recently around my home the topic of gratitude vs. grumbling has been discussed. Contentment rather than complaint.

You know. Attitude issues. And we have found this little reminder:
The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; yes, I have a good inheritance.          Psalm 16.6 
We tend to look at what we don't have. Or what others do have. This is a sure recipe for disappointment.

Have you ever given your child a present that you knew was just right for him, that would better him and bring him longer lasting joy than the cheap imitation thing he was clamoring for at the local dollar store? But when he opened it, his face could not bely the feeling of disappointment. He attempted to temper his response, but he leaked.

Ruined - for him that birthday was ruined. Forget all the friends and family gathered, the cake made, the other gifts. Forget that gift even. None of it mattered anymore. He didn't get what he wanted and envisioned, and so the whole birthday didn't even count.

Here's a simple question for you: Are you cherishing the good inheritance He has given you today, or does someone else's look better?

Have you forgotten the friends and family, the cake made, and all the gifts? Have you forgotten even that gift? Maybe it's the gift of learning patience, practicing cheerfulness, mastering thankfulness in all things. Perhaps it's the gift of study in rejoicing with others -- truly rejoicing.

I think sometimes we read things like "rejoice with those who rejoice" and figure it's a nice thought but one we know that no one can really do all the time.

But since the lines have fallen to me in pleasant places and I do have a good inheritance, I am now free to rejoice always for others.

After all, He is mine and I am His.
Could anything be more pleasant than that?