Sunday, June 30, 2013

Real No-Brainers

I had the house to myself. Not for long. It's not usually quiet for long around here...yet.

I chose the porch. A real no-brainer, as they say. The air was perfect, the sounds were, too; the lazy buzz of a distant lawn mower, the crescendo of the motorcycle wending its way up the hillside, a cacophony of birdsong. Summertime in Madrid. At 1942. On my porch.

But it won't last. The evening is already pressing in. More mornings will come, more evenings, too. Seasons will change.

Do you know that this pleasure, this God-breathed pleasure, is fading, fleeting? He is the creator, but it has been tainted. He won't let it remain forever.

Here's the deal: if He made the beauty of this world, eternity with Him in His presence is the best choice of all. Perfection. In every way. Everlasting, too. And Jesus provides free admission for all who will ask Him.

A real no-brainer, as they say.