Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Will Come Without Fail

A dear friend recently pointed out a simple truth. He said that we know one thing about seasons -- they all come to an end.

Winter drags on at times. What makes it bearable when the snow revisits in March? Simple: we KNOW that spring will come -- real, true, lasting, warming spring.

If you are experiencing a less than pleasant season in life, take solace. You can be assured of this one thing; change will come. The season will end. A new one will come.

I like that. I've always been glad for change, but never as much as when things aren't my favorite. Right about then change is most welcome. But I leave the changing in His hands. He seems to know the end from the beginning, and that's a whole lot more than anyone else knows. So I'll let Him order my days, change my seasons, and plan my destiny.

And in the meantime, I look forward to spring -- in every way.