Saturday, May 08, 2010

Breads and Ovens

Here at 1942 the oven is used quite frequently. You may well imagine. But as of late it has been a bit dysfunctional. Why? My husband attributes it to the oven fire back in February. That may well be.

So. Simply put, it no longer cooperates. Bread comes out over-browned on top, gooey in the center. A chicken casserole was in for 2 hours recently and not yet warm in the middle. So much for the preheat light. Sometimes the element barely warms up, sometimes it takes 30 minutes. Never does it simply behave.

So. Someone of a very generous nature and heart heard of my predicament and anonymously sent a rather large amount of cash my way. Amazing but true. Is not the body of Christ a wondrous thing?

So. The hunt has begun for a new range. Talk of replacing the unused dishwasher with a cupboard has also been mentioned, which led to thoughts of creating space for a larger range. Or a total redo. But that's a slightly elaborate response to a non-working oven.

A double oven seems to be the standard recommendation for this large, bustling household. My kitchen is modest, but serves a crowd upon occasion.

So. Any recommendations of your own? I'm game for thoughts!


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