Monday, December 21, 2009

An Evening of Christmas Fun

They line the family room floor: five kids including little man himself with several of his nephews and a niece. A couple of pillows press up against the already displayed presents under the Christmas tree. As they slumber the lights cast a colored glow on their smooth child-skin cheeks.

Popcorn, tangerines, and frosted cutouts. Charlie Brown and Emmet Otter. Sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets galore. Stories of Billy Budd and Christmases gone by. Giggles, jokes, and a few reprimands. Eventually sleep overtook. Papa took the end position and Nana slept between the two 3 year olds.

What could Holiday Inn possibly have to beat this?


Blogger Diane said...

What fun grandparents you are! And what wonderful memories you are making for the kids! We miss you all.

8:26 AM  
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