Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three Days, Make It Four -- Maybe Six

Packed. Planned. All used up.

As if they aren't always that way in His book. But sometimes I look at a day as "free" -- mine seemingly, to do with as I choose.

Not so this morning. Looking ahead, several days in my book have words written next to most every hour. Why?

CELEBRATION TIME!! My son-in-law is receiving pastoral ordination. Folks in from out of town. A special service of prayer, declaration, and prophetic utterance. An afternoon to gather with out-of-town friends and family for food, fun, and fellowship. CELEBRATION!!

CELEBRATION TIME!! Christmas preparation with little people learning to love Jesus and declare His marvelous works. Rehearsal: music, memorized lines, choreography. CELEBRATION!!

CELEBRATIOM TIME!! Ecumenical Thanksgiving service: we will tenaciously recall and recount the manifold blessing of God upon this nation and people, His mighty hand in our history. We will sing praises together with other church bodies in this small but precious community. Thanks be to God!! CELEBRATION!!

BATTLE FRONT -- Then we prepare to seek His hand, to engage in warfare, to pursue His will. A court hearing, a judge's decision, a changed life or two or four or more. May His grace be found throughout these court sessions, in every discussion, in every word. Let lives be placed squarely within Your perfect will, let words be edifying, let hearts be drawn to You. You alone are Hope and Love. "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength." Amen. BATTLE!!


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