Friday, November 27, 2009

Such Cost

He gave His son. He sent Him -- gave Him -- to this world of sin and grief, pain and suffering. He did it so that you and I might be redeemed, bought back from the death penalty sentence. He let Him go, sent Him forth, released Him.

Such deep heart-pain. Agony unparalleled. The separating of Father and Son, mother and daugher, parent and child. Unnatural. Unwanted. Unwelcome.

But done willingly in Him. Tentatively trusting that He alone holds us all. And He does.

We long to know and control all. We err. It is too big, too much. We cannot counter sin, heal brokenness, untangle the iniquitous web.

But to release is pain. To trust is challenge. To yield is agony.

Then with tenderness He touches, stirs faith, renews confidence. Healing slowly, oh so slowly, begins. We determine that we cannot know and control all, remembering that He is Love itself. Everything He does is Love, every thought He has is Love. He hears, He acts, He heals, He watches. He knows. Love itself knows.

But such cost to learn such truth. Such immense cost.

This is precious truth indeed.