Monday, April 07, 2008

California Dreamin'

We've been enjoying our time here immensely, visiting daughter Danica and her family. There have been day trips to Carmel, Big Sur, Saratoga and mountaintop Drive, San Francisco and Tiburon. We've eaten at favorite pizza parlors and Thai restaurants and Seafood Grills, enjoyed a Starbucks as well. Local markets and consignment shops have been perused more than once already.

Attending their church was a highlight so far since local church is so very vital to a healthy life. The pastor is very passionate and inspiring; the congregation is mindful of family, encouraging good habits and helping establish young families in important priorities. How essential!

Tonight we will host the pastor's family for dinner. What a privilege to spend time with this young man of God. This is a 4 year old church plant that Danica and Ryan have "hitched their wagon to" and as seasoned (that's fancy for old) church members and workers, Rick and I are longing to encourage and affirm the work they are doing. I am thrilled about the prospect of an evening together with other believers -- brothers and sisters I don't yet know!

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I'll be home in Madrid on Wednesday. That doesn't leave much time, but we'll try to make the most of it, savoring the moments, not cramming and rushing, but tasting every last bit. Still, it will be gone soon.

Ah, Heaven. I can't wait...