Monday, March 03, 2008

A Morning Song

God's faithfulness, His great faithfulness - and I mean great faithfulness - amazes me anew this morning.

Today I read in Nehemiah 9 the recounting of His choosing Abraham for the purpose of establishing a people on the earth. Why Abraham? Because He found him to have a faithful heart. But even in that finding, He foreknew this new nation's eventual betrayal. Their future mutiny was no surprise; He was well aware of the rebellion and faithlessness ahead.

But in spite of that foreknowledge, He made the covenant. He promised faithfulness. He would be their God, they would be His people. And so, He cared for them and provided abundantly.

And sure enough, in spite of that covenant and His proven faithfulness, when hard times hit, they questioned, they complained, they even sought to return to Egypt.

We may think we are above all of that. After all, we haven't exactly returned to Egypt, have we? Well, then again, neither had they - it was only a thought, a desire, a plan in the making. They weren't actually there. That might sound a bit more familiar, don't you think?

There are times when I've looked back. I've had moments of doubting, questioning my decision to live for Him, wondering what it might otherwise have been like. When I'm willing to really let deception have its way, I imagine all kinds of positive outcomes had I made a different decision. With rose-colored glasses in place, life looks pretty peachy. (How could rosy be peachy?)

But then I consider the bondages I've been freed from, the power over sin I've been given, the careful instruction of how to walk in Holy ways received, and I once again realize what I have and where I am compared to what and where I might have been. Where I might have been... hmm. That picture is a bit more disconcerting and a bit more in touch with reality. After all, Hollywood is wrong. Sin does damage; it does harm. It is wicked stuff.

This morning as I read of Israel's stiff-necked response, their lack of mindfulness of His wonders in their lives, and their rebellion - all of which were met with grace, mercy, kindness, and above all, faithfulness - for You did not forsake them - I remember that You have dealt with me in the same manner. I have been the recipient of immeasurable mercy and grace more than once, simply because I belong to Him.

When I received Christ, I became the beneficiary of a great covenant - I mean a great covenant. Now, even when I am untrue, He cannot be. He will remain faithful to His promise to me, forever and ever faithful.

My eyes are full of thankful tears.

And it makes my heart want to sing.