Friday, March 07, 2008

Just Talking At Y'all

Friday morning by 8:17 -

Mom has been up for 3 1/2 hours. I have been graced by the Lord in this season with a strong desire for quiet study time. Quiet in this house is rarely guaranteed apart from the early morning hours. Consequently, my alarm is set for 4:45am each day. For the most part I have had been able to pursue my vision for quality time in the Word and online study/writing. In order to accomplish this, I place the clock across the room, ensuring an upright, feet on the floor position in response. Unfortunately, this means it runs for a bit longer, disturbing hubby's sleep. In spite of the fact that I bury the clock underneath a pillow on the floor, he is still generally disturbed. But I think he is finally adjusting.

Around 7:00 my college-bound son's alarm goes off just overhead. His is a two-fold alarm system: it has a LOUD buzzer and it also vibrates. Intended to be placed under the pillow, he found that too disturbing, so it sits on his hardwood floor. The vibrator causes it to bounce around as well as buzz. It is quite interesting, and I have yet to understand how anyone up there sleeps through it (he shares a room with his 8 yr. old brother, Merrick, and Josh, a buddy who lives with us.) In a moment (sort of) he shuts it off and movement from the two oldest boys can be heard. Showered and dressed, they soon appear in the kitchen, where I have taken up my breakfast duties, to prepare their breakfast of eggs and toast (yeah, they're on their own for that one.) Out come the computers for last minute studies. Nathan pops up from the downstairs apartment (another college student who lives with us and is temporarily enjoying my Mom and Dad's separate space) to check in with them. Meanwhile...

Louissa, 20, enters, crosses to the kitchen sink, humidifier in hand. Her daily ritual is to fill the tank - she owns the beautiful baby grand that graces my front room, and dry air is anathema. Showered and ready for her day's duties of office work (she is an administrator at our church) and piano accompanying for the children's choirs (on Friday our church hosts CFA, a homeschool ministry for 150+ students - they participate in music, sports, art, Bible classes, speech, etc.), she empties her tank of water and now slices banana and toasts Italian bread for her own consumption. She is almost ready for the day.

Carina, our 23 yr. old business woman daughter, emerges, silently looking for coffee and eggs - the busyness is too much for her at this hour. She slips away unnoticed, back to her room for a bit of solitude before her day of scheduled appointments begins at her salon. Did she or didn't she have breakfast in her hand? This Mom failed to get that detail.

My school aged children are tight on time; they, too, participate in CFA and must be there for an 8:20am attendance check. Merrick could not find his required polo shirt last night, so I hunt one down in the off-season bin, only to find his long-sleeved version under his bed. Firm words regarding his lack of diligence in chores, promises of consequences upon arrival home, and soon he is dressing.

Camilla, 12, has already been down for breakfast, packed some lunch, and is also dressing. She has prepared a birthday gift for her friend who turns 13 today. Her sister comments positively on how together she is for a twelve year old. Yup. Mom agrees. And oh - Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Liana, 14, has not yet showered. She likes to sleep. She has her clothes ready, though, and is soon downstairs. Meanwhile, Mom quickly packs her lunch along with Merrick's. Toast and milk are his breakfast today - something easy!

Julia, 17, is folding laundry in the kitchen. She has a busy weekend ahead: a dress rehearsal for her band this afternoon with an early departure Saturday morning for Long Island where three concerts and ministry will happen. Between laundry loads, she is borrowing white pants from Josh before he heads out the door (it is departure time) for the bass player in the band. You see, she is planning white pants and red shirts - she prefers a bit of a "costumed" approach. She quickly e-mails said bass player to let him know the pants are located and then the guitar player to tell him that his pants have been ordered from Old Navy. "You do everything for us! We'll never learn to do it if you keep this up!" comes the reply. True, Julia, true. I told her that just yesterday.

8:15 arrives: last minute swigs of coffee, coats flung over shoulders, backpacks zipped, instruments collected (violin, guitar, and cello I think) and out they go. Dad drives four school kids and one pianist. The college boys are gone. Carina quietly continues her day's prep.


Mom puts in some more laundry (are you kidding - around here it is never caught up) and settles in to post on her blog. Soon my resident hairstylist saunters past with a good-bye on her lips. Then Dad calls for a ride home from the car shop where he dropped the van for some last minute work before we head out on Sunday to join Julia's band on Long Island. Hmmm. Pj's and robe - throw on the huge foam boots, grab Dad's leather jacket, and out the door I go. Where is The Sartorialist when you need him for that perfect fashion photo? (His is one blogspot I check daily - I'm an addict!)

Parting thought: Glad we don't do this everyday! I cannot imagine...


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

sometimes writing a post like this one is plain old therapeutic. (I hope it was for you!)
as for reading a post like this one: I appreciate the window into your day.

BTW, thanks for hugging my neck today.
it was a glorious hug!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations are sent your way! I hear you're going to be a Grandma...again! Ryan phoned the other night bursting with joy. So happy for the both of them.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so you're rushing things here. i won't be 20 for another week. =)

9:03 PM  
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