Monday, February 25, 2008

Living in Obedience, pt. 2

What are we here for? We have been created for God's purposes, to worship Him and bring Him joy. Obeying His commandments is a sure and certain way to walk out devotion. Indeed, love is to be a primary motivation for obedience.

In addition to the joy of pure devotion, we find that walking in His holy ways yields much good fruit. His ways are delightful and good with many great and good promises to be gained. Yet there are times when things don't seem to add up quite the way we expected. Nonetheless, our hearts can find delight in serving Him.

It is true that we venture into dangerous territory when we "do" commandments for the sake of what it will yield. God is looking for His people to love Him more than what He can do for them.

But the truth is, sincere obedience will be richly rewarded - in measure here - in fullness there, in eternity. We can be absolutely certain that He keeps record books, for His guarantee is sure. Nothing you do in His name will be overlooked. Stored treasure will be doled out, dominion divied up accordingly in that eternal dwelling place with Him.

It comes down to that same ol' truth. He wants us, He wants our hearts. And in the long run, we need Him and His heart. His rewards are part of a rich eternity, a gesture of His enduring love for us.

With eyes set on Him, we will enjoy the blessings bestowed today, but look forward to a much greater heritage with Him - forever.