Sunday, January 20, 2008

Women of Joy, Pt. 2

Psalm 89.15-17 "How happy are the people who worship you with songs, who live in the light of your kindness!

Because of you they rejoice all day long and they praise you for your goodness. You give us great victories; in your love you make us triumphant." Good New Translation

There are some very important lessons in these verses. Let's consider a few.

First, we see here that there are, in this world, some happy people. Who are they and why are they happy? They are those who "worship you with songs". The New Living Translation says it this way: "Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship..." New International Version puts a slightly different emphasis and understanding upon this thought: "Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim your name..."

Happiness - blessedness - is attained by those who hear the call to worship, by those who have learned to acclaim His name. Happiness is theirs because of a response, a learned and chosen response. They have heard the call and worshiped accordingly.

We find, too, that these happy people are living "in the light of your kindness." Another translation says that "they walk in the light of your Presence, Lord."

Light reveals. These happy people are experiencing continuous revelation. When we are walking, dwelling, living in the light we are seeing clearly. What we see revealed is His eternal promise, His eternal life, and His perspective regarding all we are experiencing here on earth.

These happy people have learned the key to living in the light of His Presence: praise and worhip.

Through praise God is magnified, placing Him on His rightful throne. In worship we begin to understand His great power, love, and faithfulness. Suddenly things look different. We see how small our trouble is; we understand our lives in the context of eternity; we believe in His ability to "work all things together for good." His Presence brings light, and light brings clarity and perspective. Our smallness is revealed; His greatness is glimpsed. His salvation is all that really matters. Living for His kingdom, trusting in His will is what really counts. Understanding is gained and joy is ours once more.

Happy are the people who worship you with songs! Because of You they rejoice all the day long - and they praise you for your goodness.

They see clearly, understanding what is true, what is everlasting. Having learned to respond to the call to praise God alone, they are now the happy people, the blessed people!

Thought for the day:

They are blessed and happy indeed. And my portion is to be counted amongst those happy people!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, excellent post Darlene.

My portion is to be counted among those happy people as well.

Yes, we are walking in the light of your presence, Lord and we are loving, honoring, praising and worshiping you every step of the way. The perspective of eternity and how we are living our life here on this earth now IS truly brought to light in your presence, Lord. May you continue to magnify your presence more and more and more as we deeply pray to and in communion with you and as you do, I'll be running within the race of humanity with a clear mind and a joyful heart because I know that you will also be waiting at the finishing line with the ultimate prize: EVERLASTING LIFE. Oh how my heart sings its praises to you and my lips, my lips will gloriously speak your Word and praise you all the days of my life.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom Darlene. You captured exactly how I feel inside and also reminded me of what I need to continue to do each and every day.

Such deepness you have. I thank the Lord for you and your teaching.

Love & Blessings,

5:46 PM  

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