Sunday, January 20, 2008

Balancing Family and Ministry

The weekend has taken a different twist than planned.

Hubby is speaking at a youth workers conference, sharing ideas on establishing priorities regarding family and ministry. Several daughters accompanied him. I was scheduled to go as well, and the weekend was to be finished off with a ladies meeting at a church in the area. It was for mothers and daughters, with an emphasis on worship and praise.

But my little man is sick. Ear aches, fever and all that jazz. And no one quite fits the bill for nurse maid like Mama. Friday I sent Rick and girls out the door, hoping to join them on Saturday. The next morning dawned after a restless night so plans were again altered. I would try to leave a bit later in the day, if he showed signs of improvement (big sister was on call to care for him.) But it was not to be so. His other ear began to hurt. So more nursing (garlic oil with cotton, plenty of fluids, etc. - you know the drill.) "Maybe tomorrow morning I can scoot out early enough to catch the lunch at Elim, then head to the ladies' meeting."

But it is now that tomorrow morning, and even though he is somewhat improved, there is enough discomfort still that he just wants Mama. So "here I be." The daughters will cover the meeting without Mom, sharing in music and word, ministering in prayer and prophecy. They are able.

And as one daughter laughingly pointed out, "Since Daddy's topic was balancing family and ministry, might as well show them a perfect example of what that looks like!"


Blogger brietta said...

I like their church website.

And I'm sorry you had to miss the weekend. What a bummer. But Merrick will long remember and appreciate your time and attention, that's for sure.

11:18 AM  
Blogger The Growing Goodsons said...

I was at the Elim Conference and your husbands message was very good. I'm sorry your little guy was sick but you were right where you needed to be. It was nice to meet your hubby and daughters. We (my husband and I)are good friends with the Levendusky's and they speak VERY hightly of you. They've done some teaching for us (a small group we're all involved in) about the things they've learned from you concerning family and ministry - it's good stuff!


p.s. I'm glad you husband included your blog in his notes please thank him for me.

9:43 AM  
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