Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Your children have many needs, but a core longing and right is the desire to be known. It is a parent's privilege and great responsibility to know his child - inside, outside, and upside down. Know them. Know their characterisitics, know their strengths, know their weaknesses, know their talents and interests, know their secrets, know their heart's desires. Know them.

A beautiful marriage consists of many things, but a core value is the willingness of two individuals to allow their very beings to blend into one through an intimate knowledge of one another. It is a husband's duty to know his wife; it is her duty to make herself known, and vice versa - inside, outside, and upside down. Know them, know their inner workings, know their little habits, know how they would respond, know what they thought about yesterday. Know them.

Their are many wondrous facets in our relationship with Father God, but a core blessing is being known. He knows my thoughts, He knows my needs. He knows my heart, for good or for bad. It is a relief and joy to be known, especially since He loves me anyway.

We were created for open fellowship, deep and intimate, with Him and one another.

Have you discovered yet that this requires effort and investment? At times it demands creativity and perseverance as well. It will even require that we lay down our selfish desire to protect and hide our own hearts; we must learn to put aside laziness, insecurity, and pride. Costly and difficult at times, agreed. Even so, it is what we should do. Absolutely. No doubt about it. These are covenant relationships we are talking about. Nothing to take lightly. These are relationships that need super glue. Commitment is paramount, true. It gets us through the rough times. But knowing, really knowing, is akin to true love; it follows naturally. It is love's deepest desire - to know intimately the object of sincere affection, and to be known in return. It allows the high times to soar, the precious days to taste sweeter, and the difficult times to yield tender care.

It is His will. How can a husband love his wife and give himself for her if he is clueless as to what makes her tick? He must know her deepest longings. He must know her pain and sorrow, why she sheds that tear, what is the bittersweet she tastes. He must know.

How can a wife be the best helpmeet this side of Mars, if she doesn't know her husband's dreams, his weaknesses, his strengths? She needs to know what moves him, what makes him fearful, the failures he faces and the victories he wins. He needs to trust her enough to share the most intimate, hidden thoughts. She must know him.

What father and mother can guide their children, shape their character, discipline them properly, and invest time and energy wisely on their behalf apart from a working knowledge of who that young person is and is becoming? How can growing children trust freely someone who shows no yearning to know them, to plummet the depths of who they are? The very thing they were made for is relationship. It is meant to begin here, with Mom and Dad.

We will soon embark upon a short season of sabbatical here at the Sinclair household. Hubby will be taking three full months away from his job, resting and being home. As we pray about and consider what the coming weeks and months may hold, my deepest heart's cry is that we will grow to know one another more completely.

"Let it be, dear Lord, let it be."


Blogger Quinne said...

Hi Darlene :) What a glorious gift, time. I will be praying with you and your precious family as you take and live this time. Love, Q

9:14 PM  
Blogger carole said...

I am glad for you. Three months. I was up in Tupper Lake with Peggy for the week following your 'retreat' there, so I caught glimpses of the need through snippets of conversation with Peggy.

They are going through a transition time as well, though not yet as restful ... I trust that it will be eventually.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am praying for you.I just want to encourage you that it is OK to take a sabbatical from the ministry that occurs while having others living in your home. You all are so gracious to open your home constantly to others, but I wanted to encourage you to feel released to keep it "just family" during this time. Having others around does change the dynamic of a family. I am praying that if you feel the need to change the status quo, you would realize that all of the wonderful friends you shelter will find shelter in other nests for a time.

Blessings to you,
Mary B.

11:11 PM  
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