Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nothing Much

Special days with festive celebrations have kept me quite occupied in recent days. Consequently, there have been no posts in several days.

And I must say, this post will be brief and simple. Why? Because the celebrating continues here in my home. I am of the mindset that all of December is intended for company, games, gifting, cookie-eating, singing, meals together, and such fun things. Guess I think that you can never get too much of such good stuff!

So tonight we share a birthday with a special young man, watch the Kennedy Center Honors with friends, play games, and have simple black-eyed peas with the whole kit and kaboodle. Tomorrow evening will find us entertaining another family with food and games. Too much fun!

So I will check out here as I check out my black-eyed peas. Then I will check in again another day!