Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's Time For the Flexibility Card

The first call came yesterday afternoon. Upon arrival at Heathrow Airport they learned that due to high security alert there would be no flights out of London that day. Hmm. That sure put a wrinkle in the plan. They were bumped to morning

My daughter and husband immediately got online to reserve some rooms so Team Spain 2007 could rest before their newly scheduled departure early this morning.

However, upon arrival at Heathrow Airport they were greeted with a ginormous crowd and incredible chaos. It seemed as though every person in London was there. Instructions were given to "wait over here" - they quickly complied. Time ticked away until it was 45 minutes to departure. They pressed the situation and were informed that they had waited too long; they had missed the boarding time. Hmm.

So now they are there, waiting once again. We are wondering what flight they will be assigned. Most likely they will fly out tomorrow. So back to online help for hotel reservations we will go.

Maybe they should hop on the Chunnel and fly out of Paris instead.

Maybe next time we'll plan on that!


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