Saturday, June 16, 2007

June Days Fly Away...

The coffee finishes brewing just steps away. I check e-mail and blogs near my open kitchen window, listening to birdsong and feeling cool breezes. From the family room I hear children's voices cooing, playing train, enjoying the morning. A sleepy young mom cuddles with a blanket nearby and watches. I wish she could have slept a bit more, but a toddler was anxious to be up and said young mom was awake by then. You may be familiar with such scenarios.

Two teens headed to sunny Spain on Thursday for a 19 day outreach. Their days will be filled with drama, dance, preaching, exploring, making new friends, and the wonders of life in Spain. I miss them so much already. My son-in-law is leading the team and consequently I get the joy of having my daughter and her three young children live here for those days. That is a delight beyond most, and causes me to welcome the trip heartily!

Danica flies to California on the 22nd. Hmmm. Packing, goodbyes, special "last time to do this" planning, and not enough time. Is there ever enough time? What is this substance that undoes the cleverest of humans? How is it that it has not been brought under our subjection? Why does it still rule us?

Heaven. Ahh, yes. Heaven.