Friday, June 22, 2007

A Time To Bloom, Always


My daughter took off today from the Ottawa airport after getting a nod at the border (we failed to have a letter of permission from the father to take the baby across) and receiving a generous allowance from the airport security (we failed to remember that the baby should have had a passport). And now, as I write, she is either flying on or waiting for the final flight which will take her to San Francisco where her husband will greet her with excitement and joy.

After living for two weeks in a hotel the settling of their new home will begin. Their belongings will have completed their long cross-country journey by truck, arriving at their house in Menlo Park, CA. A whole new life awaits her there. New church, new friends, new community, new kingdom lessons.

Danica has learned many things in her young lifetime. One of them is something every believer should practice: bloom where you are planted. Like Esther in the palace, Paul and Silas in the prison, Gideon in the threshing floor, Danica has learned to discover God's plan for each day regardless of the situation.

Esther, Paul and Silas, and Gideon all encountered less than ideal situations. I'm sure the palace was unfriendly and frightening, the prison less than promising, and the angelic visitation intimidating. But in spite of fear, discouragement, and unbelief these people found God's plan and purpose for them in that time and in that place. All believers should determine to be like this, not missing the eternal value of the moment in lieu of dreams or worries of another day. He has something to accomplish in us and through us always, everywhere. "Redeem the time..."

God will be there with my daughter in that new place; and He desires good things for that young family and the lives they will touch. He has plans that you and I can only try to imagine. She and Ryan get to be the discoverers of them.

So now she will bloom - beautifully - there, in California.

I hope the folks there know how very fortunate they are.