Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Four young people are playing a card game in passenger seats as our van bumps along the four lane highway leading us home from our NYC excursion. A fifth young man looks on or watches the cars passing beside him. The vehicle directly in front of us holds several more students and the 15 passenger church van trailing behind is almost full to capacity.

The CFA class trip of 2007 is completed. Let’s see here. What have we done? We have taken in Times Square more than once, including a Sunday morning service at David Wilkerson’s Times Square Church; watched The Pirate Queen, a new Broadway show; had Starbucks treats too often (two times too many for this patron); jumped the waves at Jones Beach and enjoyed a “Tuesday, by the sea” where the food tasted so much better “cause it’s covered with sand”; kicked up our heels at Swing 46, a jazz club catering to the swing dance crowd; and dined at Ellen’s Stardust Diner where the kids all sang a High Button Shoes tune for the future stars of Broadway – just to list a few of our doings.

This is always a fun trip. In my estimation, it is hard to miss with NYC, even if you only stroll the streets. As Alan Daniels commented to me while I directed his attention to some great architecture reaching up into the sky, “The great thing about NY is that you see something new every time you come here.” True. Absolutely true.

The kids and chaperones discussed the delights of worship in a different church and the challenge the man of God presented. We critiqued the musical theater experience; they showed great insight in their observations. We laughed a great deal, shared drinks and pizzas, and escorted one another as we ventured in various directions. This is my conclusion: there are no other kids I would rather take to NYC. CFA students are the best. Really, they are.

If you ever get the chance to chaperone this crew, jump at it. You will gain so much more than you give.


*Edit later that evening

Upon answering her question regarding my favorite part of our trip, my eyes filled with tears as I honestly said that walking with the kids and just being together was the best thing. Earlier I had asked her about Grandma's birthday which was celebrated while I was away. Tears filled my eyes then as well as she told me how special it was. I felt a bit foolish in both instances, even though they are my daughters. They just smiled, knowing that good ol' mom is quite the sentimental lady. But still, I wish I wouldn't get so emotional.

When I love people I get a bit teary when talking about them. Oh, well. Some of us just have to be those types. Guess around here, I'm one of them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! now i'm crying thinking about all the fun you had. i can see it all. the crew walking down the street as at every new intersection mr. d and pastor mike call out "is everyone in their groups?" of course there was no wheelchair this time to accompany the kids. jeremy must have been a bit bored. but of course, it was much better walking this time wasn't it? ; ) if we ever do an alumni trip . . . i think you should be on it!!!!

7:48 PM  
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