Thursday, May 17, 2007

'Tis The Season... be birthday-ing!

Two cakes on Sunday for two fine sons. Lots of presents, too!

One cake today, another tomorrow for a special number 7 child (she gets two because it is a "special party" year for her - which equals eight young ladies for an overnight tomorrow after family party time tonight!)

Add one more cake for a celebration on Memorial Day - number 6 child's birthday. And she truly is Memorable!

In the meantime there are all those other special events like Mother's Day, Memorial Day, weddings, friends' birthdays, CFA end-of-the year programs...

And somehow, school continues. Actually, we are finally getting something accomplished. I always like that. You know, the feeling that something worthwhile is happening and that you are on top of things. I also know that it is only momentary, but, as Steve Wilbur once said, "My soul feels good today. I think I will enjoy it!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan said this morning, "Oh, I like it so much when you're happy and not just faking it!"

And I laughed and said the only alternative would be for me to stop faking it and just go with grumpy...

But anyway. Made me think of your quote about enjoying those happy-soul days!

10:41 PM  

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