Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My New Big Girls

These days I find myself referring to daughters #6 & #7 as the big girls, only to realize that dear hubby assumes I am speaking of #1, #2, #3, or maybe #4. But the time has come to acknowledge that #6 & #7 are little in neither size or age. They have grown up on us. It seems to happen every time.

Consequently I also find myself looking for ways to up the ante: more chores, more responsibility, more challenging school assignments - and more adventure! It is time to sail some unchartered waters, to reach for a distant star, to discover a hidden talent or passion. I know they have both been created by Him for plans and purposes beyond my understanding, but I also know that I am to be a guide in unearthing hidden treasure. They are precious beyond measure in His sight and how I cherish them!

And so, this morning I contemplate their beauty, their gifts, their strengths. But most of all I consider the wonder of who they are, their capacity to love Him and bring Him joy. The joy they bring to me cannot be reckoned. My heart swells with gratitude to Him for these beautiful and wonderful daughters.

And I will seek Him as we forge ahead to new seasons of growth and discovery.

Oh, that they may be blessed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about #5? does she ever get to be a big girl?


11:32 AM  

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