Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sinuous -- Her, Not Me

"Eight -- plie', four -- demi-plie', open to second.
Eight -- plie', grand plie', don't forget. That means slow, controlled movement.
Four -- demi-plie', close to first.

Finish with a port de bras; hold four. You can always finish with a plie' -- in fact you should always finish with a plie' -- to release the tension."

Ah. Intermediate ballet. Yup. I was there. And so was my favorite teacher. I was her student again, and enamored, as always, with that delicately beautiful art form: the arms that gently float with a graceful, sinuous curve; the gorgeous foot perfectly extended; the muscles exuding endless energy and steel-strength within the realm of poetic movement. I love this. I am awe-struck.

I would have brought up the rear of this class of college-age students to begin with, but now -- with a stitched together tendon? You guessed it. My ankles wouldn't allow a plie' no matter how hard I tried. I'm not accustomed to such absolute stubborn non-cooperation from my body. Granted, I have never had total control, but this -- complete rebellion and mutiny? Must it really be?

Still, I was thrilled just to be there making feeble attempts at a plie' and tendu. My ankle is already better for it. My friend recently commented regarding the foolish things that deceive our egos -- mine believes that I am still a trim and fit 35 year old. Well, 35 I'm not, but I may yet be trim and fit again. My teacher thinks we can beat the 6 month mark given by my doctor if I work hard and carefully. Hooray! Someday I may attempt a grand plie' once again. And better yet, I may even succeed!

It will be a long haul betwixt this point and that. But with such beauty as inspiration, I am ready to forge ahead.

If I make it, I may indulge myself in the purchase of a pretty ballet skirt. Hope I'm in the market soon!


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...


you are an inspiration.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you insane?

1:11 PM  
Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

I guess there's a fine line between inspiration and insanity... :)

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that you at once someone I consider a spiritual giant, and at the same exact moment, you are this precious, frilly GIRL!!!

I love you ~


10:58 AM  

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