Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NYC -- Again

Yesterday we took another trek into Manhattan. My son-in-law is not as familiar with the wonders of that place as the rest of us. So now that he has joined us we felt quite obliged to remedy that situation. I think we successfully introduced him to the pleasures of NYC. With strollers and three very young children in tow, along with our own young one, we hit the streets of midtown. Bronwyn was enamored with the tall buildings and all the shoe stores. Gabriel loved the "some-way trains" and Jackson just plain enjoyed the stroller. Merrick seems to find some enjoyment in most everything.

Brietta had not been in NYC since 9-11 so we included Ground Zero in our whirlwind tour. Pretty amazing. The view of the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, which is always a treat for these eyes, seemed to be enjoyed as well. For the grand finale we wound our way to Little Italy for a pizza treat late at night before heading home. As 16 of us piled into the small restaurant, we wondered if there was any place in Little Italy that would accomodate such a large crew. Fortunately we had asked a local where to go for good pizza and he suggested Lombardi's on Spring Street. They had a nice basement dining room with plenty of seating for all of us. A great finish to a mild-mannered wandering through Manhattan.

Aunt Judy continues to spoil us all. I just overheard Rick telling her that he feels like he is on a cruise ship with food and entertainment galore.

Today we will hit the beach. There are a few little people that are definitely excited about that! The oldest little boys (ahem...) are busy discussing the cheap seats at the Yankee stadium. And my older girls are talking about a trip back to NY for a jazz club tonight. I wonder if I could hop on that train? Now that sounds like something worth considering! One thing for sure, I hope to enjoy the remaining two days. What do you think? It sounds like a real possibility to me.


Blogger sam said...

I wish I had a magic wand to wave over at your house and everything would be done upon your return. (I would wave it here, too, of course.) You are correct, I do enjoy a thorough going-over once in a while but will be glad when I am done. Luckily the Epilepsy Association of MN arrives in my neighborhood tomorrow morning to pick up all that we are parting with. How cool is that? No trip to the thrift store or pile of garage sale stuff for me! Have a wonderful last few days of vacation. They are the most wonderful of things, vacation days.

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