Monday, August 07, 2006

Time Is Short

It's Monday morning. That leaves four days until we head out for a weeklong vacation with a beloved aunt on Long Island. We will spend days on the beach, days in the city, and eat lots of wonderful food (she always treats us to the best!) I wish it could be two weeks instead of one, but we are grateful for the time together with her.

Today I will encourage my painters to finish their task (an upstairs bedroom that will serve as a boys' dorm this fall) within the allotted four days. Yours truly will get school planned a bit. Practicing, laundry, and various chores will be accomplished (I hope) by the younger set.

I will also work on a rehearsal schedule for the fall dinner theater that my husband has asked me to put together. Last night I couldn't get to sleep on time because I discovered a script that I think may work very well for a small group of talented people from our church and other nearby churches. Fun! The community has come to expect quality shows from our congregation. It has been a wonderful bridge into their lives. I am grateful for the opportunity to use this gift for His purposes. Have I mentioned before that I love musical theater?!

Be blessed in your service to Him! And may all be done to His glory.

ps -- Ooops! I almost forgot to tell you; Julia won First Place in the Lachine Guitar Competition in Montreal this past weekend. Hooray for her!


Blogger Paul said...

So was it the Youth competition--16 and under?

5:14 PM  

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