Monday, September 25, 2006

The Day's News (in part...)

Baby Jameson is doing wonderfully. Good update there!

Louissa is settling in nicely and meeting lot of great new friends. I am excited for her!

Hallmark TV hosts a daily morning show at 7:00am. On Sept. 19 they featured a clip on Julia's experience with the Parkening Guitar Competition. It is great. Check it out here; be sure you have the show from the 19th, then scroll down to the sections titled "Spiritual Journey". Read the script read by the host, then click on video to see the footage. Make sure you do both sections!

My two youngest ladies here at home are growing in the Lord and nothing makes this mother's heart more thrilled. They pray with earnest sincerity and I can sense His Spirit at work in their hearts. Good, good stuff. The best!

That's it for now. Be blessed in His glorious service. Remember: if it's done for Him, it reaps eternal reward!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanted to make sure that my email was working... did you get my most recent emails (regarding bank stuff)? just curious.

love you.


9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacqui linked the "Julia" segments on her website also. WOW. I enjoyed seeing those so much - a little window into your lives.

I know you get this a LOT, but your children are AMAZING.

Love you ~

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Darlene,
Danica wrote me of little Jameson, but when I went to find pics online, the closest I could find was you! What is the site for Danica and Ryan?
Also, I love that girl so much. Sooo glad to hear how happy she is with motherhood. To live in God's will live! What can I get for her and the baby? Does she have a registry? Any suggestions?
Let me know what I can do.
Also, I read about the Stockholm PO. I used to go in that store as a very little girl to get our mail and have the mail lady pop"penny candy" in my mouth after I closed my eyes! How exciting to read your description and know so much is still intact. Would love to see it someday again!
I may visit your blogg again. You are an inspiration! Diane

8:18 PM  

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