Saturday, September 23, 2006

No Time For Serious Postings (or Even Thoughts!)

Sleep deprived and juggling two households -- that's a quick picture of my state at the moment. Suddenly I'm remembering once again life with a newborn and a household of kids as well. When I stayed with Brietta during her first two babies' arrivals, I was removed from home and all its demands. Not so this time around. Not that I am complaining -- I'm so glad to not be missing their routines of school and lessons and chores (really, I am!) and still available to help Danica adjust to this new task of motherhood. But I am a bit stretched!

All of that to say that I am not full of contemplative reasonings or anything remotely close to important meditations. Consequently, my posts are nothing but newsy with barely any insights shared. My apologies.

But actually, I do have a few thoughts -- just no time to think them through to completion, let alone get them written down. My journal is mournfully empty, glaringly void of quality reflection. But one thing I know -- this, too, shall pass. And soon, I do hope, you shall read something more than daily stats and doings and comings and goings. I hope....

But for now, I will go hold a newborn child, stir a large pot of stew, inspect a house being run by capable young ladies, and compare a calendar with my ever wonderful husband. Include a meeting with a couple of friends to plan stage sets for a spring musical theater production and my day will be complete. And oh, I better not forget to prepare for a Sunday School class which I will be teaching tomorrow morning! Ooops -- almost let that one slip!


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