Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Time to Be Brutal and a Time to Indulge

Thursday. Garbage day. The pile out front is pretty ominous. I wonder if he will charge a bit more for this pick up. And last week's. And next.

Yup. You guessed it. I'm hoeing out and throwing away once again. Really digging deep this time. Paper doll collections, first readers, old calendars (including my 1981 rendition with pencilled in Dr.'s appointments for Danica's birth -- I've hung onto that for 25 years now -- guess it's time to let go...)

Fifteen years ago or more, hubby made two tall cupboards for storing "school". They were my anniversary present. I remember that celebration well. Friends watched the kids for the whole day while Rick and I worked zealously on this project. We measured and sawed and nailed and glued and painted. By supper time two cupboards were fashioned. We cleaned up and headed to a favorite haunt: the local Chinese restaurant. Ah -- that's what I call a great anniversary! Yesterday, after many seasons of faithful service, the school cupboards were emptied and replaced with two small shelving units. The cupboards now stand on my front porch awaiting a new post; garage sale day may find them sporting a price tag, or maybe they will wend their way onto my side porch to store out of season boots and such. I haven't made a final decision on their future.

I can't say that tears haven't found their way down my cheek on more than one occasion, as I bagged up Barbie furniture for the garbage (most of it is missing parts, don't worry...) or stored away Friendship Clubhouse awards. Bit by bit these children of ours grow up and move on in life. New adventures await them, and therefore, me. So you see, it isn't all bad. Not at all.

Today will find me sorting through bins, removing as much as possible (Americans have stuff, stuff, and more stuff), "eliminating and concentrating", as Anne Ortlund would say. Time to simplify.

Did I mention that Merrick has a hard time with this -- you know, the little boy syndrome of collecting anything and everything -- and all of it? Candy wrappers, Burger King papers, cardboard from every Star Wars Action Figure package... It's hard, but he's learning! And please, don't worry. He's allowed more space than most of us. After all, he's only seven. Might as well indulge him while I can!


Blogger sam said...

Keep the cupboards! I really like those cupboards and am sure you can find use for them. I don't hold on to much but the cupboards, and their memories, would be keepers.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

However...if you are interested in selling them, please let me know. I have always loved those cupboards. I remember when Rick made them!

10:11 PM  
Blogger TrashTidBits said...

I'm curious...did your garbage man charge you more for the extra treasures at your curb?

12:22 PM  

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