Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fun Phone Calls

Okay, not all phone calls are fun. This one was for two reasons. Shane from The Watertown Daily Times spoke with Rick just now. Eavesdropping quickly allowed me to understand that he was interested in Julia. Word is out about the upcoming competition.

Shane: Is she available to talk with me today at 2:30? I will come to your house.
Rick: Let me make sure she doesn't have any lessons and will be free.
Julia: No lessons, Dad.
Rick: She is free at 2:30.
Shane: See you then.

The two reasons:
1) It's just plain fun to know that Julia will be in the newspaper (come on, cut me some slack -- I am a proud mom, you know...)
2) They are all scurrying to clean the house without hardly a word from me. (I guess even they have some pride about all this as well!)

And for those who showed interest in my local theater exploits -- the Sinclairs have not heard yet about any roles. Amy Flack from CPS said they were still working on final casting decisions and hopefully would be in touch with us tonight or tomorrow.

Patience. Gotta love it...


Blogger David Perry said...

That is really exciting!
I'll have to check out that article.

Thanks for listening the other night! You Sinclairs are wonderful!!!

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome!! :)

it feels like days ago when she came to school- it's so hard to believe that it was just thismorning!

oh, and did you have fun joining my french class? :p

5:24 PM  

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