Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Quick Thought, Not Too Developed -- Sorry

Marriage is a bit of a mystery. Two mystically become one. That is a bit of a mystery in my book, especially owning the significant differences between any two individuals presented on that wedding day. How can they possibly become one?

I am currently reading "Good Wives - Image and Reality in the Lives of Women in Northern New England 1650-1750". It is an interesting picture of Puritan views and consequently a portrayal of a slice of our American heritage.

Ah, poor Eve. Decried as a temptress or adored as a goddess, she was rarely understood to be what she was: a mere woman, a wife, a simple helpmeet. Cotton Mather wrote that only blasphemers call women "a necessary Evil, for they are a necessary Good; such as it was not good that man should be without."

A Puritan Goodwife sought to be a consort, which by definition implies a partnership, a companionship in travel or adventure, and one who is in agreement or accord. From Good Wives: "A consort tuned her life to her mate's. For the blessed, marriage harmonized spirituality and sexuality, two concepts frequently at odds in the western world."

Marriage is cited in scripture as a reflection of Christ's relationship with the Church. Our dear Protestant Puritan fathers understood this and openly drew parallels, showing a happy acknowledgement of the pleasure of this union in every aspect. This was no prudish culture. There was no pretense. These people lived real lives full of passion and devotion. Love letters exchanged between separated spouses were fiery examples of those who enjoyed warmest affection, deepest care, and tenderest devotion. Their letters are a true commendation for marriage.

In this day and age, marriage can get a pretty bad rap. I would like to shout from the rooftops that it ought not be so. The union of body, soul, and spirit is pretty wonderful. True, I have lost my identity. It has been blended with another and made into a whole new entity. This is not easy. But the joy of walking out a mystery is a wonder not to be lightly dismissed, nor should we readily relinquish the potential hidden there.

I remind you all again of a discovery that once upon a time shocked my feminist mind: marriage is a good idea. It really is.


Blogger sam said...

"marriage is a good idea"

A hearty "amen!" to that.
As we were driving home, and I was sitting and watching my husband, I was in awe that he is mine, and I am his. Only in God's plan would we come together and I am certainly so much better for it. I have a few friends who are not in the same situation. It makes me appreciate my journey with Norm all the much more.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. But what do you do when you don't want to be a wife or a mom anymore? YOu can't make one more meal, or listen to another whining or crying child? What do you do?

5:42 PM  
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