Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Snips and Clips

The world of Playmobil has ventured forth once again. The family room floor has been transformed into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and a Toymaker's House. Inventive ideas flow freely as Merrick is engrossed in his fantasyland. I love this, in spite of the mess. I would actually allow him to leave it out for days were it not for his little niece who will visit tonight. Too soon this Playmobil season will be left behind as he reaches for something more grown-up in nature. Ah, such is the reality of it all!


This morning my honey and I slipped out of a quiet, sleepy house in the wee morning hours (5:10 am to be precise.) We were the volunteer drivers for Crane Performance Series (CPS) guest director from NY. He needed to catch a mid-morning flight out of Syracuse. It was pretty fascinating to hear stories of life in the audition halls and dance classes of the NY theater district. Maybe there will be a theater district in heaven? Well, maybe a chorus line or two?


Speaking of CPS, three daughters and I stuck out our necks and joined in the crowd of fellow thespian hopefuls who auditioned for two summer productions: Always, Patsy Cline and The Sound of Music. We should hear soon about the outcome. But whatever the final cast looks like, I have to say that I had a blast. Yes, hop-along herself auditioned. And yes, I was honest with them and let them know that movement would not be a forte this season. (Now come on, you can't blame me if I was tempted to stretch the truth a little and promise them pirouettes and high kicks -- after all, there are minimal roles for stationary people in musical theater...)

But back to having a blast. I got to do quite a bit of acting as there were several readings they asked me to do. I got to sing a little -- it was disappointing when they cut me off so early. But I sang, none-the-less. As for dancing, I will leave that to your imagination. Then we sang in groups, read in groups, talked theater in the hallways, and dreamed of the fun it could be. I must admit, I do love this stuff! So, if nothing more comes of it, I will have enjoyed myself in a way that I have not in a very long time. And what's life without a bit of adventure now and then?

Trust me, if I get a happy notice saying, "You've been asked to play _____", you will be the first to know!


Tonight is our family dinner night. Fun, fun, and more fun. And this time of year it includes the next round of competition for American Idol. I must also admit, I love that stuff, too. I guess it makes me think of the good ol' days when evenings of TV included variety shows like Hollywood Palace, Ed Sullivan, The Dean Martin Show, etc. Those shows were an hour of musical numbers with a bit of comedy thrown in. American Idol is the only show in years that offers plain old musical entertainment (and for those who cannot condescend to watch the show, I understand. I used to feel the same way until I sat and watched 10 minutes one evening. That was it for me -- I was hooked! Some of these folks are really, really good!) So you can bet we will be tuned in and having a great time!


Jesus will forever be my heart's desire. I will always serve Him. He's the top! (sorry Mr. Porter...)


Blogger sam said...

My kids may be embarrassed for me to say so, but they played Playmobil until they were twelve or thirteen. We still have bins and bins (it is one of the few things I don't want to part with) and I look forward to the day some little person gets it out and plays with it once again. As I keep saying, I need to get me another little one. (I told Norm I had to stop reading Above Rubies because it just makes me long for more children. *wink*)

The auditions sounds like so much fun. I have neither the talent, nor the nerve, for such endeavors but always admire those who do. My place is behind the scenes, or in the audience, but that is okay. We can't all be heads (or mouths).

And, finally, I have to admit I am hooked on AI. This is the first season we have watched it and you are right, it only took about ten minutes.

Have a wonderful evening!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you found out about your parts yet? chelsea rourke said that she's going to be a nun. how exciting. :)

7:37 AM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

So, what's the news?

There is something to be said about you auditioning while still hopping gingerly around...

crazy, yet admirable!

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't wait to find out the news of what musical you may be taking part in and in what way!!! Also, which girls will be accompanying you and how. Such fun!!! :)

10:29 AM  
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