Friday, March 10, 2006

Music Man and Prayer

While Merrick and I entertain ourselves with the tuneful strains of music and dances done in a library, a crew of young people gather once again in my front rooms to worship together and beseech mercy and grace from the God of heaven and earth. Can a Friday night get any better?

My husband is faithfully pastoring a group of people in a small town 45 miles away. Jamie is doing school work in Potsdam and Carina is babysitting a neice and nephew so that her sister and brother-in-law can attend a party. The rest have already been accounted for.

I've had lots of wonderful visitors today for which I am most grateful. Always nice to have the world come to me since I am unable to go out in pursuit.

But best of all, I have met with my Lord in His word and in prayer. I am persuaded of our need to persevere in faith - and I mean persevere. Tenacious determination goes a long way but more importantly, we will not go a long way without it. But more of that another time.

I have encouraged a daughter to write a story for a contest hosted by the Frederic Remington Museum. She has done a great job - who knows but what she may win something. But win or lose, she has gained much. I think she has a love for such things and it is never too soon to encourage a writing gift. I find that contests and displays are great inspiration for getting the finishing touches put on a story or poem. Somehow I never manage to push them to that point without deadlines. I wish I didn't need outside accountability, but I do. So I will do my best to find such opportunities!

Another daughter will try her hand at singing the Star Spangled Banner tomorrow for some basketball games. It will be a first for her - I know she will do a fine job! Quite a challenge for a 10 year old, but she is up for it! I am blessed and proud of her willingness.

I have always believed that one of my duties as a mother is to help them discover their talents and then help them be faithful in using those talents. I still have some children with treasure yet to be fully unearthed and polished. So my job in that department is not yet finished. For me, this is a favorite aspect of mothering. It's like treasure hunting - you know there are good things to find - now to identify them and develop them. Fun!

At any rate, another weekend is upon us. Then a new week. Next Wednesday I will head to the doctor for a check-up. I hope that he is pleased with my progress and will release me to the next step toward movement. The family room couch is better than a bed in the hospital, but it has its drawbacks. I'm ready to be done with it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good reminder on "treasure hunting." good stuff! And great story about Merrick. Who is the writer? Congrats to Julia! Awesome!!!

10:50 PM  
Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

Liana is the writer.
They are all so very unique and every gift is valuable. If we can encourage them to see that God has made them that way, they will grow with confidence in who He made them to be, free from the insecurity or pride that stems from comparison. So much of that begins with Mom and Dad - if you truly value each gift and freely release them to be who God made them to be, cherishing their place in the family and kingdom, they will learn to do so as well.
And thanks on behalf of Julia - we are all so excited!

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would totally love to stop by sometime. But I'm not the type to just randomly show up (lol... even if I am the type to ask if I can film a music video in your house). So... that means you'll have to have someone initiate (842-6585)... I can assure you it won't take much convincing!!

10:50 PM  

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