Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Day

These days I find myself shying away from leaving the house. Outings exhaust me and I don't seem to have the push to "go for it". But today was an exception.

We had scheduled a visit with some friends in Watertown back in November and I felt that I could manage to make the trek. I am home, tired but glad to have gone. The friends we met (two couples) have been in ministry for years and our relationships go back 20+ years. It was good to spend time with them.

My youngest children had a play day here at home. "Finish your chores and practicing, and then set up Playmobil on the kitchen table and play. Have fun!" Reports upon arriving home confirmed that indeed, they played all day. Good. Happy memory day accomplished!

Another did chores, school, and practicing, then broke out the paints. She loves doing still life settings and tried her hand at "An Orange". Another good day accomplished.

The others stuck to routine. Life when you get older can be that way! They seemed happy enough when I arrived home - they were entertaining themselves with American Idol. I have mixed feelings about these initial showings - they delight in highlighting the contestants' failures. Not very nice, many times.

Now I sit, catching up with the world of blogging and waiting to watch Federer play tennis at the Australian Open. He is always exciting to watch.

So there you have it. One of those simple, ordinary, chronological posts. Hope it will do for now!


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