Monday, October 10, 2005


My life is WAY out of kilter. But today begins the trek back to center (I think); hopefully balance will be found once again.

Rick left early this morning for a three day trip. My desire is to establish chore assignments (somewhat loose scheduling still - for now), find my bedroom (well, I know where it is, but can I actually see the bed - that is the question), and plan the next month or two (wedding trips, guitar competitions, Nutcracker performances, and such) while he's gone. If I get that far I will consider myself more than successful. And though we may not make it, I hope to see us get a good start.

That won't begin to get us out of the hole; there are school cupboards and curriculum to organize, winter clothes to finish sorting through, kitchen cupboards in desperate need of cleaning, Christmas shopping trips to plan, budgets needing to be brought up to date, etc. That doesn't include out of the house stuff like school choirs, Shakespeare club, Jr. Church Christmas program, Friendship Clubhouse plans, book studies with my girls, etc.

But enough of boring you with such details (if you even bothered to read all that nonsense.) The point is, this week we begin our trek back. And when you're this far out in the woods, that is good news indeed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom -- I have tried to get in touch with you about CFA - give me a call tonight at the Paladin's. I should be home till 9:00ish.

3:05 PM  
Blogger mony hussein said...

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