Monday, September 26, 2005

God Was There!

This will be a quickie - music lessons and rides to and fro are calling :)

But I wanted to let you know that I am home from the retreat in Ontario, Canada. In spite of some initial disappointment at Nancy Campbell, the originally scheduled speaker, not being there, the ladies opened up their hearts to the Lord and looked to Him. I believe they were met in wonderful ways. I know I was!

Thank you for praying for all of us. In so many places, moms and wives are needing strengthening and encouragement. I am praying that church leadership will see the need, and even more, that older women will find their place in providing that strength and encouragement. There is much to be done! (And don't forget, even if you are young in the Lord, there is probably someone younger!)

Love to you and yours~


An addendum

I have returned from lessons and am presently waiting for the chicken to boil. My Liana Renee, who is battling a cold, has asked for some homemade soup. So, soup it is!

One thought from the weekend -

I met so many wonderful young women who have one simple desire: they want to be mentored in this task of being a good helpmeet. They are looking for ideas and encouragement in raising their children. Creative solutions for household management are longed for. "How do I best love and care for my husband?" is the question on their heart. It is time for older women to take their place in the house of the Lord and begin teaching the younger women. It is time to release the younger women to pursue their desire as well as establish older women in their God-given role of teacher to them.

My heart aches when I consider the need. My heart aches even more when I see the lack of response to that need.

Lord, raise up an army of young women who are ready to pursue their calling to be effective and faithful helpmeets, who will work diligently to train Godly children to march boldly into the future, bearing the Gospel message. Let those of us who can help establish them in this great and necessary task step forth and take our place. Let us give willingly that others may prosper in their marriages and homes. And may You always be glorified in all that we do.


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

You could consider just starting with one or two invited to join you at your home or their's to do a book study together over a cup of coffee. I don't know that you would need to make it an official church function - it's more organic than that. But see what your hubby thinks. He may feel it needs to be submitted to the leadership. If so, take that step as well. Mentoring is often one on one or just a few, at any rate. It need not be full fledge women's ministry group stuff.

Just some thoughts.

Oh - one more. It seems to help with an end in mind. Determine how many weeks this will go on for. At the end of it, if the same few want to continue, you can. Or if you think a few others would benefit from the same material, you move on to the new group.

I can help you with topic and book ideas if you are interested!

6:48 AM  
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